Lorenc Medical Ltd. Ireland since 2011

Dear Patients!

Thank you for your trust! Thank you for Yourselves being with us for last 14 years.

We are here, walk placidly with you to build our health together! We thank to God, our parents, teachers, contractors and all supporters!

Emilia & Marek

Since 2010 we have been based in Ireland (Dublin – Drogheda, Co. Louth) to continue our services, feel free to contact us to arrange visit or teleconference appointment +353 (041) 214 5705

To express our gratitude for warm invitation and welcome by Irish Louth community we opened surgery – Lorenc Medical, Drogheda St Collon A92RY27 Co. Louth & www.lorencmedical.com. We hope this service will be of great support for local community. www.lorencmedical.com

(formerly Medical Practice Camino & Functional Diagnostics PL, Kraków, Poland since 2004) Jeśli dzwonisz z Polski: +48 (12) 379 4367